Here you can find several erotic stories which contain more dirtier fantasies.

Fucked by three boys at the bathing lake

It was a hot summer's day and I wanted to enjoy the sun at the bathing lake. I was looking for a cookie around myself and a little in secret without many people by some bushes. I lay on my towel and had taken off my bikini top since I did not want to have stripes. It got rather hot and fast I felt the sweat pearls on my solid chests which forced her way along my body. I suddenly heard several voices nearby. I opened the eyes, count on the elbows and peeked around. Three guys who apparently also looked around for a more quiet place 20 meters further arrived no-one. You were young, 20 and 25 sizzle and extremely good builtly. Your naked upper parts of the body glittered in the sun and her swimming trunks were all of them tight.

I licked, as me the lips me hers I splendor body introduced little substance without this and I noticed how my Pussy began to prickle. You had not noticed me yet, though, prepared her store and let yourself be sunk into the sun. I did not want further to stare over to them and I lay down so again, too. Furthermore my chests remained naked. My thoughts walked to the muscular bodies a couple of meters further again and I noticed how my nipples stood slowly. Without me thinking greatly, my hand wandered on slowly to my neck and from there down. With two fingers I took my nipple and twisted her. I groaned quietly. Like in the veil I took truly that the voices had ceased in the distance. I turned my head a little and blinked to see whether I had sold the three. But on the contrary. All of you still were there and stared to me over as captivated. I further enjoyed the presentation of her swimming trunks getting narrower slowly and stroked myself. I saw in the canthus how my audience contorted itself the necks to be able to see better.

Wanted, I turned round on my towel and repositioned myself not there I have in common so. I lay with the feet to them now. You had an unhindered view of my body, and the one by the heat of the sun the heat in me weld wetly now was. My hand abandoned my nipples and walked slowly down the belly. I spread the legs a little and my randy spectators could a little more see of my hot cunt now. My hand slid herself into my bikini panties quite slowly and caressed my Pussy shaved smoothly which was damp correctly and tapped with desire meanwhile. I rubbed my clitoris and drove with the fingers along my labia. Everything was wet and avaricious. I peeked over here to the boys and saw that his cock seemed around this one himself spares one to care. His hand at least lay in his lap and I saw the movements of his arm. This situation so hotly also made me, I wanted more. I was so randy by now that my Pussy cried out for a hard cock really. I wanted to be fucked of the three boys. Here and now.

I looked to the boys and hoped that they would understand this hint. I already thought that I should get clearer  when one of them took a Viagra came over to me. I saw the great bump in his swimming trunks and felt the overwhelming desire for his cock. He came directly before me for standing and looked at me provocatively. Of course do not read I ask me for a long time. I drew his swimming trunks down and she fell down to his ankles. I hardly trusted my eyes because I looked on a perfect, smoothly shaved and hard cock. I contained him with a hand and led him to my lips avariciously. I sucked his acorn and kneaded his eggs. He tasted splendid. My mouth enclosed this wonderful dainty and he pushed him deeply in my mouth a few times. I heard him moaning and it shot by my body like a lightning again. Cheered up by her buddy the other two also came over to us. I looked into the round and saw further great bumps in front of myself. Hands and tongues were sudden on my skin everywhere.

I groaned with desire because a dream had got true. I felt already eternally like an Outdoorsex walk anxiously fuck and was the right time now. Number one packed my hips and took off my panties. He had the best view of my damp twat now. He spread my buttocks and swung his tongue around around my rosette. I was randy oh one. I could hardly expect it. While I further worked on this wonderful cock in my mouth and the tongue of the other type slowly worked its way forward to my damp hole, I saw his hard club like the spectator had got out and him polished while he was scrutinizing me. There was no more hold now. I wanted to be fucked by the three boys at the bathing lake. And read her from me as if the tongue had heard my thoughts in me. He packed my hips more tightly and pushed his club tightly into my hot cunt. I groaned loudly and blew the delicious cock in my mouth further and further. The spectator edged himself heart now, too. He put himself on the back under me.

He licked and sucked at my nipples first while I still was fucked from behind. When he had finished with my tits, he slipped a little further down and I felt his tongue at my clitoris. I got randier and randier and thought to bear it hardly. I called hardener which tightly pushed into my cunt again and again, addressed to the cock. I heard his groan and knew that he was just as randy as me. He pulled his cock out of me out suddenly and I felt how his warm cream flowed on my back. My cunt did not have finished with the boys wetly yet, however. I wanted to have all of them. As if he could read thoughts, the other one came from under me. Cunt thinks to fuck, he penetrated into my asshole but instead of. I yelled out in front of horniness. The pushes in my bottom got firmer and harder. I was as randy as never in my life. And I felt a tongue at my nipples again which played with them and sucked at them. The cock in my mouth tapped and my lips let him off. I did not want yet that he sprays his shoe polish. Not yet.

I wanted to have both of them in my holes at the same time. Therefore he slipped under me now. My asshole had break for a moment while we were placing each other so that both dicks could fuck me. Other uses my wet cunt the one in my asshole and this one again. Since I still had a hole, I springed me up again number 3 and cock into my mouth took his. He smacked of me and I was close to the highlight. After a couple of further pushes my body started to twitch and I yelled out of my whole hornisess. When my body got more quiet again, the cocks abandoned me. You shifted on the back and I one spilled his randy shoe polish after the other on my chests.

My first group sex

After I had completed my vocational training and had worked in my profession for some years, the possibility of making my instructor certificate offered herself to me. If I would get this bill, possibilities would considerably more offer themselves to me in the job and would become the salary improvement for me and suit my little family very well.

The education should last for six months and would mean also, that I would have a far relation half a year into the I would come home only every second or third weekend to the I could see my husband and my son. But heavy but I this promised me much and started with the education a couple of weeks later.

The education took place in Hamburg and I got into the train so and drove off. Since I come from a little town in which I live and work and have grown up at a little village, the sight of this large town overwhelmed me with all her people, the sights and the great variety. But I should not of all this have much for the time being.

Arrived in Hamburg it went directly to the training center which was located in the north of Hamburg. We were for one varied heap of 45 people, boy and girls from all of Germany. All of us were accommodated in a hotel, in which one should the education take place also and the close one the mornings at 8 o'clock start. We were in the theoretical lesson from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. every day and it then worked until 10 p.m. to the practice from 2 p.m. It was a bone mill.

After 3 months our party to celebrate the halfway stage lined up as us then, and this fell also for our free weekend, we made a great planning for this. We were, for the party to celebrate the halfway stage, another 38, of this 14 woman and 24 little men these were left. The whole was too exhausting for the others or they simply gave up. The decision then wanted much on a comfortable old town bar, in which one we let the party to celebrate the halfway stage increase. And then it happened so, too.

It was a beautiful warm summer's day on this Saturday and everyone was eager to prepare for the great party. Taking a beautiful substantial shower and washing the hair so only. After the shower was in hotel room, was actually quite content I as me in front of the big mirror with which I saw what there. With 27 years tits were spotless, rounded the butt crisply and well and after I had dried myself, were mine also pussy still solid, my belly fluffy flat, the legs sheds hairs beautifully.

The question of the questions which come every woman into the head then came. WHAT I WOULD ACCUSE?

I did not want to leave the impression too decently but in no case that I can be had. So decided in favor of a mid-calf length deep blue skirt under which I attracted a white thong because I am of the opinion, it does not see out well if a pair of briefs can be seen too clearly under a skirt. I elect it a white top, roaming blue. On a bra I have done without since like me this, I found in the mirror, little tit did not need at my solid B little baskets either. Still a pair of black pumps to this and my outfit was ready for the party to celebrate the halfway stage.

We went with bus and suburban train to the town where the sideboard was already prepared for us in the little old town bar. The meal was fantastic and champagne, wine, beer and cockdicks flowed in currents. Since I drink little alcohol for ordinary, I had a small high already after the meal. The party then started correctly.

We, that is actually mainly the girls, on the dance floor insecure but with the time (and a certain lot of alcohol) some of the men also dared on the dance floor. I had a break from time to time to talk a little and slurp the small glass of champagne.

I heard how some of the men believe comments remarks on mine, this one giving, made crisp butt and my randy nipples (which were clear by my easily sweat-stained top to see).

I feel me very flatteredly that I had apparently lost nothing at my attractiveness within the last five years in which I had met and married my husband. Since I know my husband, I imagined also nothing has begun men with others there I and nothing took note of the comments silently.

The evening got, still stimulated, later the atmosphere the cockdicks delicious and cold and the comments on us was a little more ribaldly girls, too. One was a terrific and very excellent party to celebrate the halfway stage it. It was toward one o'clock meanwhile and the first of us made the way to our hotel to themselves on.

The music got slower and slower and it was danced also considerably more narrowly with each other. Since we were only another 5 or six girls but were another good dozen men there, there was not a lack of changing dancing partners. I stroked again and again I over the ass and here and there noticed a hard penis, too, the dancing partner dances at my leg this one himself rubbed. Which with me a certain effect already showed anyway but the alcohol let me to my husband and the thought, think nothing further than: embellishes that I still seem so attractive.

The rows of the still present, until the end further and further only thinned out me five colleagues and I were left. We stood around still a standing table, drank the last drink and laughed much with another, one of the sirs stroked and said loudly as me over the ass:

Yes, this one has nothing!!!!

I was shocked that he could think that nothing under this would have I I would be in a bar with 5 guys and at this. The alcohol then did his left. Without thinking, which one I pulled out my string, what was not so simple since I already got into the staggering a little took the string and pushed him to the guy into the hand thought I were below without away. I saw the surprise in his eyes for a small moment. Then he took the string and smelled him. "The plum smells, WOW, good", he shouted and handed the string round. Everyone sniffed at it and we laughed about the individual comments.

When also the last had smelled to this, I wanted my string have again but he put him into his trouser pocket and thought that I would get him back first if all of us had still taken a nightcap in our hotel bar. I accepted the offer because what should already happen where always were people in the bar and, any time, I could drag back myself in our hotel. We called 2 cabs and softened and on the way.

We climbed therefore in a foursome into a cab (the remaining 2 men take the next) and the men let me sit behind in the middle. It was very narrow and her arms put the two next to me over my shoulders and nestled her legs against my legs so. The journey took approx. 5-6 minutes. The men touched my tits briefly from time to time what held for pure still at the narrowness in the cab by chance. Began to play with my nipple and I noticed correctly his other hand lay on my thigh that it was probably not only mere chance only as one the two.

The game at my nipple and the warm hand on my thigh already excited me a little and one could considerably see now that my nipples stuck out hard. My pussy also got a little damp, however, what one could not see thank God.
Therefore read grant him because it was only another couple of minutes to the hotel and I did not claim to be a spoilsport. I still thought that I then would make myself fast from the dust at the nightcap in the bar.

We arrived in hotel, got off the cab and strolled in the direction of the hotel bar. For our surprise, however, this had already closed. We stood still, a little upsetly, arrived in the hotel lobby as the other two with the cab. You had three bottles of champagne at this which they still had got just fast away at a gas station. My room at the furthest one the room of the "normal" lay and we wanted to disturb nobody we decided to go onto my room since away of guests (had been able to mean our booting out from the education).

We crept by the corridors and came to my room. I had a double room alone for myself since the colleague with whom I was accommodated first here had thrown the towel 2 weeks ago.

Of course enough seatses were not for six persons in my room so that we made themselves comfortable it on the double bed. I sat, with dressed legs and with the back to the wall leant against the top, two men next to me and the other three to my feet. We drank the champagne from plastic beakers, which one we let rum go and some took a sip from, too the wrong.

The two next to me caught to my little tits to stroke and massage, and I saw how the three to my feet took a deep insight on my pussy presented shinily. All five guys let her hands after on my body glide along everywhere. The purest madness was its warm imperious hands on me hinderings and doubt from me and I and slowly much means last began to enjoy to it.

One of you completely ejected my top for me up and finally and another one moved for me down the skirt. I stark-nakedly reach for men now in front of five and my whole body trembled of the caresses at my feet, legs belly, tits, the shame hairiness. When some fingers then slid pussy into mine between my legs along lines, himself from time to time, too, all dams broke with me.

I quite suddenly then uncompressed the legs lips two man from each other and this one head pushed his third parties on my shame and licked mine, then already very wet and he massaged my little desire pearl with his tip of the tongue. He I closed my eyes and enjoyed his nimble tongue and it was, when desert, how I like to have myself licked. Two others got to work on my tits and one respectively licked and vacuumed tits at everybody to my hard nipple now. It was so overwhelming, three men these spoiled me simultaneously with your tongues, that I came to an intense orgasm under a quiet groan. It should not remain the last.

I still had closed the eyes, as himself slid something into my mouth. I must the eyes soften to know on not, this an acorn slid itself into my mouth. I greedily started to lick at her to suck and to polish the dick with my lips. Somebody uncompressed mine legs still further from each other and I lay with the legs apart in the middle of the bed now and presented my wet one to them, spare expectantly open desire column.

Still sucking the dick the first dick slid himself into my pussy deeply now and began to fuck me slowly but beautifully deeply. I opened the eyes and saw me around us noticed that all men were also naked and they pointed her stiff Viagra dicks at me.

He started the face full syringe to fuck his dick from my mouth faster and harder than the other flowed in my mouth exactly and I drew with me. Hard dick lasted for it and I unite again, till the next dick took his seat in my mouth to the blow had only for a short moment. I had forgotten everything around myself, put all hinderings down already and was only randy on the guys and her hard dicks and I began to enjoy and to make of the most completely everything.

The dick was so wide in my pussy now, too and his pumped out a hot cargo load deeply under a loud groan into me. Still I got some last, hard pushes of him, then he pulled his dick out of my desire grotto and it lasted for only few moments also here until he was replaced by a new, still unspent dick. It was so randy to be fucked to blow a dick and to get the little tits massaged throughout that orgasm came me to my next ones. I would best of all have shouted it loudly out but the dick, deep prevented this in my mouth.

Now when also the second had filled my pussy up, I wanted to get active and heard myself saying,

I want to ride on a dick!

Einer jutted out and said then rides on me. I am still unspent and everyone laughed loudly. I looked on his part and saw, that he had the great and thick of everyone and he put this one like a lance in the ground now in front of me lay. I blamed for me about him, put the top of his fat acorn to my entrance to the desire grotto and read me low till he completely filled out my desire grotto completely on him and I began him, and under the cheers the other, to ride.

Fast was I to get an intense orgasm at this thick piston in me shortly before this again when one of the guys pushed my upper part of the body forwards till I mean tits on the chest the other lay. One was behind me, spread he licked my ass checks at my hole and with his hard Viagra dick rammed with a firm push deeply into my ass.

It made way for my horniness very fast to be my indignation at it fucked unasked into the fanny. The guy who fucked my fanny determined time now and the feeling of the both dicks how they rubbed themselves in me to each other drove me to the next highlight. It another wanted, packed my face as me exactly out cry and I slid once again his hard dick into the mouth, so that the cry of my highlight became a whimpering quietly.

He fucked my fanny deeply, hard and fast in which the thick dick clinked glasses deeply and hard in my desire grotto in my innermost part every time. Then was so far and I remembered it like deep in my fanny a cargo load fired and fuck cream into the mouth injected to me simultaneously. Both drew the dicks out and I got everything on the back till high into my hair as well as of the front, everything into the face splashed.

And I had thicknesses dick in me still I straightened up again these and caught to ride again to do now since I was fuck cream fully more warmly everywhere. I only really was enjoying this thick big dick first now. I at the same time saw how three of the men got dressed and after each other left my room. This one still was the second, held out his dick to me once again to the blow to with us in the room. He had apparently the cargo load finishedly already already injected me his dick there itself, too, because I hardly had him in the mouth contrary to.

Also he seemed now to have well enough, got dressed and went. So "big Ben" and I stayed behind alone. He had a very good staying power because he still had not splashed. He went, and intimated to me that I should go in the Doggy position to do which I immediately liked, too.

He came behind me, packed my hips, put his (at least 20 cm) reach for dick to the entrance to my desire grotto and dragged me, at one go whole on his dick, how his full balls slapped me to my clitoris. After some hard pushes he drew his dick out, only to sink him for me into my fanny completely. Also here he do not read it be a lack of hard deep pushes.

He always alternately fucked my pussy and my fanny. His pushes always faster and more intensely came. I noticed when just he pushed purely in my desire grotto again, how seemed to himself to inflate the acorn still further. He suddenly let put him completely in me and like from a water hose he unloaded his fuck cream in me. He pumped out and pumped out, so that it me already at the legs ran down. He drew him out and the last splashes slapped ass checks on mine. He wiped his dick at my ass, got around me himself and read him clean leaky.

He then rose of the bed, put on, to say without a word on, and went.

Completely high exhausts, still of the alcohol and completely I satisfied sat down after at least four orgasms on the bed in which the sheet was wet and full of fuck cream of the five dicks and immediately fell asleep.

I woke up as me, in the early afternoon, had the feeling as if my pussy must glow red. I stood on us saw in the mirror that my whole was body of fuck cream stuck fully. My fluffy shame hair was completely and everything was full with sperm including my face and my hair.

One of my randiest nights was probably completely rational now, again, however, the repentance came over me. I ran, the horniness of the last night by a long and substantial shower wash away in the bath around me.


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